Online Group Participants
  • “My joint pain has all but vanished. This has been a game changer for me. The other huge change is that I am no longer taking Prilosec on a daily basis for terrible acid reflux! It was a secret goal to have that eliminated, but since I have been taking it for so many years I was seriously doubtful that it could happen.”
  • “[This group helped me identify] two [foods] that make my chronic inflammation and back pain worse. I like the way my skin feels and my stomach has been more predictable of late. And I am down about 10 pounds – considering exercise is forbidden right now that’s pretty good.”
  • “I’m still feeling incredibly energized and feeling like my sleep has greatly improved!”
  • “Pumped for week 2! I know this challenge is more about healthy eating than weight loss, but I am happy to report that I’ve lost 7 pounds! I know much of it is water weight, but it feels great to not feel so bloated all the time from salty, sugary, processed foods. This week I’m determined to add more exercise back in now that I’m feeling better.”
  • “Not feeling hungry as often and it feels like a veil has been lifted off my sluggish brain.” 
  • “Jim has helped me in so many ways. The journey to health is not just about the physical and he understands this better than anyone I have ever worked with before. He is very knowledgeable about what the body needs to function at its best, in particular with digestion. He is keenly intuitive and knows the questions to ask when I was having a hard time letting go of sugar…  He does not push things on you and gently suggests options for you to try out and thoroughly explains the biological reasons how an option may optimize your health in easy and understandable ways. When I was frustrated or feeling hopeless Jim would always be there to talk me through it and helped me to stay the course. He never discounted my feelings but gave me that nudge to move beyond the hopelessness and focus on what had been working.” (Abbie)
  • “I have implemented ALL of the ideas suggested. I feel better than I have felt in a very long time. I can’t really even explain how comfortable I am becoming with my own body, which is becoming so much more functional. I’m so encouraged I already feel so much better.  I can’t imagine how much better I will feel as I continue to improve my diet.” (Lisa)
  • “Jim taught me what it can feel like when you make the proper food choices for your body. He was always available with answers or suggestions to my many questions. He never criticized me when I ate off-plan…  If you have the opportunity to work with Jim or hear one of his talks, take it!  I can guarantee you will be better for it.” (Karen)
  • “Jim is diligent and highly ethical in his work. He has seen to it that everything I deserved/needed, I received. It is great having him for support and never feeling judged for my shortcomings, which makes moving toward my goals much easier. I have an entirely different attitude about food and life. He makes it fun. I have had a very welcoming and nice experience in my interaction with him. It is without reservation that I give my highest recommendation of Evolutionary Eaton.” (Taylore)
  • “I have been a client of Jim’s for a number of months. Jim has helped me learn that it is a process to make eating healthy a lifestyle. He is supportive and always is there during my struggles. If you are looking to make being healthy a part of your life and don’t know where to begin, meet with Jim. He has made a world of difference in my life. He is a cheerleader and coach; you won’t find a better person that will work with you during your journey.” (Kerri)
  • “Evolutionary Eaton provides me with inspiration, ideas and loads of great information without judgment or a ‘one size fits all’ mentality. I enjoy the recipes, quotes, and thought-provoking ideas set forth by Jim. I am happy every time I see something from EE on my [Facebook] newsfeed because I know it’s going to add value to my day; moving me closer to eating and living healthier and happier.” (Tara)
  • “I’d been vegan for two years, struggling with mild acne on my chest and back, and frustrated because the only thing western medicine could do for me was prescribe antibiotics. Topical treatments weren’t helping. After working with Jim and adding pasture-raised / grass-fed animal products back into my diet for protein, and removing nuts and legumes, my skin cleared up, seemingly on its own and within two or three days. Turns out I probably had a nut and/or legume sensitivity I didn’t know about. Thanks, Jim! You’re the best at what you do.” (Lucy)
  • “I received priceless nutritional counsel from Jim. It was simple, yet profound, and immediately changed what I eat and how I feel. He was initially concerned with headaches I’d been having and suggested I make two simple changes. I implemented them immediately, and within the first week and in the weeks since have experienced: no more headaches; no more joint pain (from years of running); weight loss without trying (belly fat is GONE / I work out less now, too); no more hunger pangs (blood sugar has stabilized); no more carb cravings (again, blood sugar has stabilized).” (Megan)
Participants At Talks
  • “Thank goodness Jim Eaton came along to help us! I’ve had the great pleasure of hosting Jim Eaton at my yoga studio to help students cut through some of the confusion around diet. “What do we eat? Do we eat carbs? Meat? Greek yogurt or regular? Do we stop eating at 7 pm or start?!”  The contradictions are everywhere. Jim sat in a chair and simply reminded us that real, wholesome food is what’s best for us and it tastes AMAZING. He does what I think all really great teachers do: he takes complicated information and makes it simple. I love that about him. I received nothing but positive feedback from his talks. I learned so much from him and bow to his knowledge and expertise. Seeing someone take what they have learned and share it for the betterment of the world is inspiring. Thank you, Jim!” (Nancy Jo Rademacker, Owner and Yoga Teacher at Maya Yoga Studio)
  • “Jim’s class was a great way to get some useful & helpful information about nutrition/diet. I loved the food lists for grocery shopping. It was very helpful to give me ideas on what to buy and make.” (Kara)
  • “Very informative, well presented, [and I] learned a lot.” (Bob)
  • “Jim’s presentation was informative and very helpful for me.  I had changed my eating habits about 18 months ago to include less processed foods and more natural foods and products.  Based on his talk, I feel like I’m on the right track and  inspired to create a more whole foods-based menu for myself, my husband and our four kids.” (Christine)
  • “I thought Jim was very informative and I picked up on good ideas that I did not really know about.” (Sally)
  • “Thank you, Jim, for all the great information and making it a relaxing environment to have open and honest discussions in (and for bringing kombucha into my life).” (Anonymous)