Monthly Groups

Make sure to read through your Getting Started materials before you jump into your 30-day program. They’ll help ensure success and answer any early questions you might have.

You’ll need to be logged in to view the materials associated with the Group, as well as to comment, ask questions, and share your experiences.

Tips for Success

  • LOG-IN DAILY: Log in each day to view the newest Post and others’ Comments. (NOTE: Make sure to check the box that allows you to receive emails when new Posts are published, as well as new Comments. That way you’re always in the know!)
  • COMMENT: Using the “Comments” feature on each post, ask questions, share your experiences and/or offer support to other group members. 
  • STICK TO THE PLAN: Do your best to follow the plan as it unfolds, from Week 1 to Week 4.
    • Remember: Progress, not perfection. If you have an ‘off’ day, be easy on yourself and try again the next day.
    • Reach out to the group moderator via email if you’re really struggling. (Visit our Contact page for more).

Better health and wellness are a journey, and these next 30 days will put you on a path to ensuring your body has what it needs from a food & nutrition standpoint to really thrive.

You’re going to do great, and we’re here to support you!

Here’s to your best health yet!

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