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Evolutionary Eaton offers rates for gyms, companies, and individuals interested in our easy-to-access, affordable 30-day online nutrition programs.


If you’ve been wanting to offer your members the benefits of a nutrition program to help them reach their fitness goals, Evolve Your Eating is perfect. With multiple options, we make it easy for you to incorporate nutrition as an add-on to memberships.

  • Members Pay: This option lets you pass on a discounted monthly membership price of $39.95 to your members. Members can join whatever month they choose (it doesn’t have to be the next available month, though they will need to join no later than Day 5 of their chosen month to be properly enrolled).
    • Each day, members will receive nutritional guidance via email, and be able to interact with other group members and the NTP-certified moderator on this site.

It’s like giving your members one-month access to a nutritionist via an easy-to-follow program that delivers awesome results!

  • Gym Pays: Whether you have elite athletes you want to sponsor for a month, superstar members you think deserve a perk, or you just want to cost share to get deeper discounts, check out this option. The more members you enroll, the lower your per-member cost:
    • Block of 5 = $180 for your chosen month
    • Block of 10 = $340 for your chosen month
    • Block of 15 = $480 for your chosen month (and just $32/member for any additional people)

NOTE: with this option, you can cost share with your members to give them access to even greater discounted prices. The only caveats are 1) Full payment is required upfront, and 2) Refunds won’t be issued for partially filled Blocks. So let’s say you buy a Block of 5, and only get 3 interested members, you’re still on the hook for the entire Block of 5 at $180. For optimal savings, make sure you can recruit enough members to fill your Block!



For $59.95, you can join the next month’s nutrition group and have access to 30 days’ worth of invaluable nutrition content, coaching and group support that could very well be just the thing you need to transform your life. (And if you’re interested in price discounts, tell your gym and/or company about the special programs we offer for them.)



Whether you’d like to offer your employees this wellness benefit as a perk, or at a significantly reduced cost to them, we can accommodate you.

  1. Employees Pay: This option lets you pass on a discounted monthly membership price of $39.95 to your employees. (That’s a savings of $20/person!) They’ll have access to new content and guidance each day, and be able to interact with other group members and the NTP-certified moderator throughout the 30-day program.
  2. Company Pays: This option lets you gift 30 days of wellness to your employees at drastically discounted prices to you. We’ve set it up in price blocks, so the more people you enroll, the lower your per-employee cost:
    1. 1 – 15 employees = $249 for the month
    2. 16 – 30 employees = $479 for the month
    3. 31 – 50 employees = $695 for the month


Forbes recently published an article on the perks of offering wellness programs: “For companies, wellness programs have been shown to boast an average return on investment (ROI) of about 3:1. Outside of the direct financial gains, companies have seen reductions in employee absenteeism, staff turnover and employee stress.” READ MORE HERE
NOTE: Groups vary in size from < 10 to more than 50 members, depending on the month.