April – Day 17

Don’t Panic! It’s All Progress

Things are getting a little more intense as we move into Week 3. Some of you may get off track. There are a lot of changes to make it can be overwhelming…for sure!

I thought about this for awhile and decided I would use an analogy to help describe what we are doing. So let’s compare our food journey to that of a Work/Career Path:

  1. You go to school to gain some knowledge in your chosen field of work.
    • You are given assignments, you do your best and the Professors correct you when you get off track.
  2. When you’re done with school, you get an entry-level job in your field.
    • You gain experience while making a bunch of mistakes.
  3. Eventually you stop making those mistakes and are promoted to Middle Management.
    • You gain more knowledge and experience, while making a whole new set of mistakes…and maybe even making some old mistakes occasionally.
  4. You work long and hard and become Management/CEO/President of your company.
    • You’ve made all the mistakes and see the big picture, so you run the show!
    • You might still have a lapse in judgement from time to time, but overall you run a pretty tight ship!

So on a work front, I’m guessing none of you went straight from school to CEO. I’m also guessing you’ve made a bunch of mistakes along the way. One last guess…you didn’t give up because of your mistakes and setbacks. You might have changed jobs, but you are still out there giving it your best.

You don’t need to be so hard on yourselves for not getting this whole “healthy eating” thing right on the first (or tenth) try!

Personally, I have been at this a long time – like 8 or 9 years! I have made ALL the mistakes, and some of them I still make from time to time. At this point, however, I call them “reminders” rather than mistakes, because they quickly get me back on-track.

My point is that this is a process. You are not going to jump to the top of the heap overnight and really you don’t have to ever climb that far, if you don’t want to.

There is no shame in being a professional student, which I would equate to using this program as a 30-day reset/challenge. It is my desire that you dig in a little deeper and make some lasting changes in your lives. Get, at least, to that “middle management” level, where you have let yourself make some mistakes and really found a groove that works for you.

Evolve Your Eating isn’t about being perfect. It is about learning from and supporting one another on this journey.

We are here to help! Keep those comments coming!

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