April – Day 11

Gelatin & Collagen

Collagen and gelatin use to be much more abundant in our diets. Just a few generations ago (and for thousands of years before that), we used the whole animal – nose to tail – and nothing went to waste. That meant meats cooked with the bones in, stocks and broths made from bones/connective tissue, and even eating bone marrow (which is kinda gross to look at but very rich and delicious).

Today we have moved to ground meats and boneless chicken breasts as the norm, which means we lose out on the benefits of naturally occurring collagen.

What do we do about that? Well, lucky for us we can purchase collagen and gelatin powders to recapture the lost benefits. While I do suggest trying to make your own (via bone broth), I also recommend supplementing with a quality collagen/gelatin powder.

Read more about the benefits of collagen and gelatin in this article (click here).

While I think the products suggested in this article are of good quality, I also know there are much cheaper ways of purchasing these beneficial compounds. Like these:



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  1. jimteaton@gmail.com says:

    Great question! Everyone is going to be different, but in general I would start with 1-2 Tbsp. per day. Collagen Hydrolysate dissolves fairly well in hot or cold beverages, so you can add a little throughout your day and get the benefits without even knowing it’s there!

  2. meb8283 says:

    How much gelatin or collagen a day should a person supplement with, to help overcome workout or mild joint aches?

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