Foods You Can Eat

Evolve Your Eating focuses on delicious whole foods. Sounds simple enough, right? Even so, you may be wondering what you will and won’t be able to eat on this program, before you even decide to join next month’s group.

Let’s start by putting your worst fears to rest: this is not a calorie-restrictive plan! You will not go hungry.

Instead, this is a plan that restricts foods containing the most common allergens, so you can give your body a chance to heal. Believe it or not, even if you don’t have a full-blown food allergy, most people are sensitive to one or more common allergens, and those sensitivities manifest as aches, pains, illnesses, hair loss, weight gain and more.

During the program, you’ll receive Approved Foods Lists every week to help you plan your meals and snacks.

Week 1 is the most relaxed and allows the greatest variety of foods.
  • You’ll be able to eat things like:
    • Meats (like bacon, eggs, steak, poultry, fish)
    • Dairy (like yogurt, cheese, butter, whey protein powder)
    • Gluten-free starches (like white and brown rice, corn tortillas, rice pasta, quinoa, gluten-free bread, steel-cut oats)
    • Fruits
    • Vegetables
    • Coffee or tea (with caffeine!)
  • You’ll mostly be avoiding:
    • Gluten
    • Highly processed foods & snacks (cereals, crackers, white/wheat breads, white/wheat pastas, cookies, cakes, chips, etc.)
    • White & other highly refined sugars
Week 2 becomes a little more restrictive by removing dairy.
Week 3 gets a little more progressive by removing some types of fruits, sweeteners, and caffeine.
By Week 4, it’s a bit more progressive still…

But honestly, that’s when the magic happens! A few days of abstaining from a few types of foods and you’ll be amazed at how happy your body becomes. This is the phase that tends to generate the most awesome testimonials (click here to read some).

In addition to unlimited fruits and vegetables, here is just a small sampling of some plan-approved foods you can eat: