Evolutionary Eaton offers online nutrition consultations to those who are seeking easy-to-access, affordable, supportive and transformational wellness services.

  • People experience a variety of benefits from nutrition coaching, some of which include:
    • Weight loss
    • Increased mental clarity / focus
    • Increased energy
    • Better athletic performance / strength
    • Decreased stress & anxiety
    • Improved sleep
    • Decreased inflammation within the body (arthritis, migraines, headaches, colitis, bursitis, etc.)
    • Elimination of chronic conditions (such as restless leg, arthritis, migraines, etc.)
    • Better digestion (less gas, bloating, belching, IBS…)
    • Lower cholesterol
    • Lower blood pressure
    • Clearer skin
    • Smoother, softer, fuller hair
  • I’ve lost 15 poundsI rarely get headaches or migraines anymore; PMS and menstrual symptoms are much more tolerable; no more restless leg at night…”
  • “Down 13 pounds from this so far (from the girl who said she would never give up cream in her coffee…)”
  • “I was skeptical I could do this…but even with a vacation in the middle of it I’ve been 95% compliant. I feel great…I can FEEL my body changing. Headaches, fatigue, bloating…gone! We are a family of 5 with teenagers who eat everything in sight. Best part…it’s food! No magic pills, drinks, or stuff to buy! If you’ve been thinking about doing something for your body…take 30 days and do this.”
  • “Binge eating and sugar cravings are under control. I never thought I could overcome those two obstacles ever, and now I know I can!”
  • “I’m very happy to be putting together meals that make me feel good…physically and mentally. I never thought I could be good in the kitchen but proved myself wrong [through this program]. So thank you! I’ve learned so much!”

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